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Case Studies > Commercial Turnaround > Improving weekly fees to enhance bed yields

Scenario: Medium sized care home group had local authority to self-pay ratio of 80/20 with a number of under-invested properties presenting themselves below competitors.

Outcome: Self-pay clientele were increased 10% year on year in difficult market conditions with significant fee uplifts. The client mix changed from 80/20 to 70/30 (local authority to self pay ratio) with some homes achieving 60/40.


Scenario: A large Top 5 operator had over 80% in state funded residents and under-funded clients including one to one and health authority funded.

Outcome: A 3-4 month drive yielded higher private fees, clients being re-assessed to receive health authority fees and higher one to one funding. Home managers became more confident in asking for higher private fees and were able to achieve self-pay fee uplifts of up to 35%-40% in some instances.

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